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Jim Nagle
Tuesday 10/16/18 7:40 am
Regional transit system
GRT tax renewal

Lisa Zuhn
Tuesday 10/16/18 8:10 am
Girls' Discovery Workshop

Chris Monteith
Tuesday 10/16/18 8:40 am
Los Alamos Arts  Council
Scarecrows and Pumpkin Glow

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Local News Highlights

This is information about delayed start, school cancellation, or early dismissal due to snow or ice for the Los Alamos Public Schools. • Announcements, usually by 5:30 AM, will be sent via the media, district web page, LAPS School Messenger, and information lines • In general, if the Lab is on a delay, school opening will be delayed; if the Lab is closed due to weather, our schools will be closed • When school is dismissed early or cancelled for the day, all after school programs including athletics (both home and away contests) and activities are cancelled. When you see snow and ice on the roads • Safety first • If possible, get up earlier than usual to clear snow and provide extra travel time • Please be extra cautious when driving • Wear footwear that helps prevent slips, trips, and falls • Exercise extra patience • Snow and ice can cause stress; thus, try giving an extra hand to your neighbor.

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