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Rachel Landman
Friday 4/19/19 7:40 am
PEEC/Los Alamos County
trail clean up

Ron Barber
Friday 4/19/19 8:10 am
Ringing Rocks of the Southwest
presentation at PEEC

Zachary Klein  
Friday 4/19/19 8:40 am
business owner
Gopher Patrol

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Local News Highlights

UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA), in conjunction with The University of New Mexico, is transitioning to the new state Common Course Numbering (CCN) system beginning Fall 2019 semester. All higher education institutions in New Mexico will share the same CCNs for most of the 100 and 200-level courses, to ease transfers between higher education schools and encourage students to complete higher degrees. Prior to the new statewide CCN system, the curriculum of required courses (such as English 110) has varied at different colleges, and credits have not always transferred between colleges. When a student transferred, if some credits were not accepted at the new college, the student might have been required to take a similarly labeled course with a different curriculum, adding time and tuition to the completion of a degree. The statewide CCN project aligned courses across institutions of higher learning by subject matter on the basis of student learning outcomes identified by educators. Most 100- and 200-level courses received four-digit common course numbers and subject codes. These courses now have the same prefix, number, course name, course description, and student learning outcomes. In the Fall course listings for UNM-LA, there are some courses with their original three-digit course numbers, and some courses with their new four-digit CCN. Over the next year, UNM will continue transitioning courses to the CCN system. The transition to the Common Course Numbering system will not change current degree requirements; only that required classes may have a new course name or number. Summer and fall semester courses are now listed online. UNM-LA registration is open. Print copies of the UNM-LA Summer/Fall 2019 course schedule will be mailed to all local residences later this month.

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