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Antonio Maggiore
Wednesday 8/21/19 7:40 am
county councilor
recap Tuesday's work session

Steve Brugger
Wednesday 8/21/19 8:40 am
Los Alamos County
Home Renewal Program 

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Last week lightning ignited a single tree near Redondo Meadow within Valles Caldera National Preserve. Fire crews monitored the Redondo Fire over the weekend. Given favorable conditions, including monsoonal rains, high humidity, and the availability of fire crews, National Park Service officials intend to manage the fire within a 200-acre area to reduce undesired fire behavior in the future. For the duration of the Redondo Fire, the superintendent has issued a closure order for the area and the road into Redondo Meadow. Smoke is expected to be visible during fire operations through the week and possibly into the weekend.

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