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Chris Judson
Monday 4/21/14 7:40 am
National Park Week

John Wolfe
Monday 4/21/14 8:10 am
LAPS Business Manager
Public Budget meeting April 23

Selena Hardy
Monday 4/21/14 8:40 am
Mother's Against Drunk Driving

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Friday April 18
Here are the lowlights of the police reports April 10 – 16
Three people were arrested on magistrate court warrants. One was arrested for battery against a household member. One was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant from another jurisdiction. Two were arrested for possession of marijuana. There was a report of child abuse. There was a report of tampering with a vehicle. There was a report of unreasonable animal noise. There were 2 reports of larceny. There was a report of criminal damage to property. There was a report of shoplifting. There were 2 reports of animals at large.

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