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Dr. Steinhaus
Wednesday 5/24/17 7:40 am
LAPS Superintendent
LAPS budget

Linda Daly
Wednesday 5/24/17 8:40 am
YMCA Executive Director
YMCA Golf Tournament

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The unofficial results of the special all mail out general obligation bond election are as follows. There were 7378 countable votes. There were 3446 votes for the general obligation bonds and 3932 votes against. The recreation bond lost by 486 votes which is approximately 6.5%. On May 2, 13,484 ballots were mailed to Los Alamos county registered voters. Almost 55% of our residents voted. The county still has 13.4 million dollars of capital projects funds. We as citizens of Los Alamos need to have a voice on how that money is spent. In January, 45% of our registered voters voted in the mail out election to fund the school bond issue and raise property taxes 1 mil for UNM-LA. In that special mail out election voters agreed to the proposals and our property taxes will be going up 1 mil in the next property tax cycle.

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