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James Chrobocinski
Wednesday 10/26/16 7:40 am
County Councilor
Recap Tuesday evening's meeting

Helen Idzorek
Wednesday 10/26/16 8:40 am
LA Home Extention Service
Class for Perserving Meat, Poultry, and Fish

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Local News Highlights

This Friday, Oct. 28 -- just in time for Halloween -- a stuffed great horned owl that has lived at the Los Alamos History Museum since the 1970s will be moving to the Los Alamos Nature Center. The handover of the owl will take place at the Nature Center at 2:30 pm. This community event will make a fantastic photo opportunity, so we hope to see you there. Some background: The owl was hit by a car at Totavi in the late 1970s. It was stuffed and turned over to the Los Alamos Historical Society, where for decades it watched over an exhibit of Boy Scouts from the Los Alamos Ranch School. With the new exhibits going into the History Museum at the end of this year, the owl needed a new home, and the Nature Center is the perfect place. He has been cleaned and spiffed up, his paperwork (a permit) is in order, and he is all ready for the transfer. From the publication, History of the Los Alamos Historical Society and Museum, 1968-1988: Richard Watts, president of the Historical Society in 1980 said, It came from a man who hit it with his car while he was driving through Totavi. He took it home to Espanola, put it in the freezer and called to ask if we'd like it for the museum. Of course, we said yes. Hedy Dunn recalls that the donor was the manager of a restaurant, and she wondered in which freezer he stored the owl. The bird also created a sensation when she drove home from the taxidermist. I was afraid to lay him down in the car, so he rode upright on the lap of my passenger. People in the cars we met turned to stare, she said.

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