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Bob Parmenter
Friday 3/23/18 7:40 am
Valles Caldera Science Division Chief
All Hands Meeting

Mike Katko
Friday 3/23/18 8:10 am
Parenting University

Bandelier National Monument
Friday 3/23/18 8:40 am
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According to the Los Alamos Monitor, Los Alamos County Sheriff’s candidate, Greg White, is looking to force a recall of David Izraelevitz, a Los Alamos County Councilor who is seeking a second term. White submitted a petition to the First Judicial Clerk’s office for docket approval Tuesday afternoon. According to White, Izraelevitz is violating state election laws by seeking another term. Izraelevitz was appointed to the Los Alamos County Council in 2011. Izraelevitz was officially elected to office in 2014. According to White’s interpretation of the New Mexico Constitution, Article 10, Section 2, Izraelevitz can only serve two consecutive terms in office before having to wait two years to run again. Though certain sections of Article 10 may appear to allow Izraelevitz to run for a second term, White said, all of the article’s sections should be read as a whole for the full meaning. White interprets the section to mean Izraelevitz’ 2011 appointment to council counts as Izraelevitz first term. White’s hope is that a judge will decide in his favor, so a special election can be held when and if White can trigger a recall election by getting 33.3 percent of the signatures of voters who voted in the last election. White has also included 31 other counts in his petition, many of them focusing on Izraelevitz’ role as county councilor during a time when the council decided to scale back the duties of the Los Alamos County Sheriff’s Office and reduce the office budget. The Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office and Izraelevitz would not comment on the issue.

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