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Ed Vigil
Monday 11/24/14 7:40 am
Take a Turkey to Work

Mark McCracker
Monday 11/24/14 8:40 am
Chief Operations Officer
Safer NM Winter Driving Tips

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Thursday November 20
Our school board has hired a consulting firm, Ray and Associates, to conduct a search for qualified candidates for a new superintendent. There are six different advisory groups that have all met with the representative from the consulting firm yesterday and today. We were told today to encourage everyone we know to take a survey that the consulting firm has made available to help them in determining what our community would like to see in a new superintendent. I am posting the direct link to the site that has all the information about the search in case you are interested. At the top of that page is the link for the survey. It lists 33 traits that you are supposed to look through and identify your top ten requirements. If you would like to take the survey under different umbrellas: parent, teacher, community member, etc. you may do so. Please encourage friends and family to also take the survey. The more information that Ray and Associates has about what our community wants, the better their search will be. Students are also encouraged to take the survey!

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