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Laura Loy
Thursday 8/24/17 7:40 am
updates on activites
Los Alamos Schools Foundation

Jennifer McKerley
Thursday 8/24/17 8:40 am
Constitution Day Essay

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the Public Education Department (PED) released 2017 Grades for schools across New Mexico. The grading system is primarily based upon PED-defined growth in math and reading test scores. Grades for Los Alamos Public Schools Aspen Elementary School – A, 77.47 points Barranca Mesa Elementary School - A, 85.57 points Chamisa Elementary School – A, 78.96 points Mountain Elementary School – A, 87.00 points Piñon Elementary School – A, 86.01 points Los Alamos Middle School – D, 49.36 points Topper Freshman Academy – B, 73.44 points Los Alamos High School – A, 84.68 points Here is how the point system works: • 40 points for meeting expected improvement (PED statistical calculation) • 10 points for academic progress • 20 points for improvement of higher-performing students • 20 points for improvement of the lowest-performing students • 10 points based upon student and family beliefs that school is a good place to attend and learn • Schools can earn up to 5 bonus points for reducing truancy, promoting extracurricular activities, engaging families, and using technology As a continuous improvement school district, next steps for Los Alamos will include analyzing the PED growth calculations and then: (1) conducting root cause analyses about student achievement in reading and mathematics, (2) reviewing and modifying the school goals for this year, and (3) providing extra support for teachers and staff in our schools. This year, all schools in Los Alamos have aligned strategic plans with established goals for student/staff well-being and achievement in reading and mathematics.

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