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Colonel Tony Deane
Thursday 5/26/16 7:40 am
Ramadi Declassified
his narrative of the pivotal battle of the Iraq War

Myles Copeland
Thursday 5/26/16 8:40 am
Cabinet Secretary for Aging and Long Term Services

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Climate Perspectives: Change in the Terrestrial Arctic, a new exhibit, opens today Wednesday (May 25) at the Bradbury Science Museum. An opening reception is scheduled from 4-6 p.m., and is free and open to the public. The exhibit's hands-on, user-driven interface is chock full of information on Arctic research done by the Lab and will be accompanied by artistic exploration (images, poems, etc.) of some of the same issues. The topic of climate change can be daunting due to it’s complexity, but the interface will allow visitors to explore the topics that interest them in the order they choose. The extensive number of items contained within the database means an almost completely personalized journey as users decide what they what they want to interact with next. The opening also will include some of those who helped bring the exhibit together to answer questions and explain the process that led to the current concept. While the contemporary content represents a first phase of the work, it is expected to expand over time. Two traveling versions are also in the works. There is currently no end date for the exhibit.

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