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Jordan Redmond
Tuesday 6/27/17 7:40 am
Youth Activity Center

Cynthia Goldblatt
Tuesday 6/27/17 8:40 am
Aspen Ridge After Hours

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Los Alamos County is embarking on the development of a new wayfinding program that will direct visitors and residents to various attractions and amenities around town. Wayfinding encompass a variety of tools that help guide people to their destination, this includes signage, maps and digital tools. Wayfinding programs also help to establish an identity and reinforce a sense of place. Regions, cities, towns and communities of all sizes are establishing wayfinding programs to provide a better experience for their visitors. The County has hired MERJE, a nationally recognized wayfinding expert, to guide the community through this process. An on-line survey was developed to provide an additional opportunity to provide feedback on the Schematic Design concepts go to The survey will be open until July 6, 2017.

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