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Laura McClellan
Monday 8/3/15 7:40 am
Authors of Origins

Heb Funsten
Monday 8/3/15 8:40 am
Frontiers in Science lecture

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Local News Highlights

On 07-31-15 at approximately 0836 hrs, the Los Alamos Police Department responded to a possible trespassing issue in the 100 block of Grand Canyon. Cpl. Ben Irving arrived on scene and attempted to speak with 2 juvenile males. In attempting to do so, both juveniles fled from Cpl. Irving, which ensued a foot pursuit of the juveniles. One of the juveniles that fled was a possible runaway who was a suspect in a aggravated burglary case that included firearms. During the course of the pursuit, one of the juveniles returned to the scene on Grand Canyon and met with other officers. The possible runaway continued to flee and disappeared a short time later. Los Alamos Police Officers set up a perimeter and a search was initiated. Officers also learned from talking with other juveniles at the scene that the juveniles who were suspects in stealing the firearms, also had shot a vehicle several times on Grand Canyon earlier this morning. Officers did respond to a location on Grand Canyon where an older model Jeep Cherokee appeared to be shot with a possible firearm. During this investigation, a slug was located in the vehicle confirming what was earlier suspected.Additional Officers were requested to the scene as well as a request to the New Mexico State Police for tactical and air support. The police department initiated “Code Red” system alerting Los Alamos residents of a possible armed individual in the area that was fleeing from officers. Pinon and Chamisa schools were put on lock down while officers combed the area. In the course of the investigation, officers were able to pin point a location of the suspect. Once officers surrounded the residence, the suspected individual came out of the back of the residence and fled from the scene as officers pursued him. A short time later, Deputy Chief Herrera and Cpl Irving apprehended the individual after a lengthy foot pursuit through many streets and back yards in the Aster, Rover, Grand Canyon area. The investigation did uncover a location to a few of the stolen firearms. These guns were recovered as well as a handgun at the original scene of the trespassing.

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